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Leszek Plichta is a CG artist and shortfilm director.

Being a passionate illustrator and games player he started his career at a young age by creating intro cinematics, backgrounds and character animation by painting pixel by pixel graphics for personal game projects. Most ended merely as prototypes and childhood dreams (back then even antialiasing was not a filter but a handcraft).

Not being distracted or unwilling to learn from this throwbacks he graduated his A-levels with emphasis on fine arts. After some years in the multimedia world and studies at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg he rediscovered his cinematic and animation roots and began studying at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg with emphasis on Animation. He graduated with his thesis shortfilm "Dreammaker".

"Dreammaker" has become a big success and was screened at Festivals all over the world including US, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Germany, England, South Korea, China, Japan and many more.

This 14 min bonsai feature won several awards like the special jury honors at the prestigious SIGGRAPH in 2007. Leszeks work has been featured on TV, inside several articles, advertisements and interviews on the internet and in printed magazines worldwide.

Beside personal projects he now works as a freelancer on commercials, featurefilms and a fulfilled life :)