Hi and Welcome to the Dreammaker homepage. My name is Leszek Plichta and this site is meant to give you some information about my little shortfilm. I try to keep it updated with the most important and positive facts so I don´t need to do it too often ;)
And if you like to see some of my other work


It took me ridiculously long, but I finally replaced the obsolete "trailer" button with the fancy "Movie" button! Now you can watch the whole "Dreammaker" short online! If you go to the Vimeo page even in HD quality! hope you enjoy!

After a "tiny" pause, a short summary of the last happenings:

Dreammaker won the "Best Screenplay" award at the Aniwow! 2008 Filmfestival in China and was nominated for Outstanding Achievment.

It also won the prestigious Shortfilm prize 2008 of the Friedrich-Murnau-Foundation

It was also screened at various other Festivals like the International Animation Festival Hiroshima '08 in Japan, the Electronics Alive V-Exibition 2009 in Tampa (Florida,USA), AniFest 2008 (Chech Republic), Anchorage International Film Festival 2008 (USA), GoEast Festival 2009 (Wiesbaden,Germany), International Digital Film Festival "Kinofest" 2008, in Bucharest (Romania), Shorts at Moonlight 2008 (Mainz, Gemany), SuedWild Shortfilm Night 2008 (Germany)

"LA Shorts Fest" shows my movie on August 19 2008 at 5:15 PM! If you live in the Los Angeles area put it on your schedule now. It's a rare chance to enjoy the 35mm copy!

i've been quite lazy updating the site so here's a little review of the last months. if you'd liked to miss the opportunity to see my movie on a festival, here are some examples where you already succeeded so far:

Anima Mundi 2007, ArsElectronica 2007,
Mundos Digitales 2007, BitfilmFestival 2007, CartoonClub 2007, Encounters 2007,
FMX 2007, Niff 2007, SAND 2007,
Landshut Shortfilm Festival 2008

and here are even some which i won:
"VIEW8 2007": Best 3d Digital Character
"PISAF 2007": Trend Prize

My birthdaypresent for myself this year is that I finaly got this website done! After telling for months it would be finished soon. Tadaaaa!

After 4 years of slavery, I´m free at last. 35mm Premiere of "Dreammaker" at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Recieved the "Special Jury Honors" at the "SIGGRAPH 2007"!